Friday, September 5, 2008

Been a Long Time

I thought I'd get back into this blogging thing, having barely gotten my feet wet the first time.

I'm feeling a bit melancholy at the moment. It came on somewhat suddenly yesterday, so I'm not sure if it's an emotional blip or the start of a cycle. I work at home, which means that during the summer, when I'm working I'm also dueling with my kids for time and quiet, though my wife is always a HUGE help when she's not teaching classes or going to conferences. Even during the school year, I had my son all afternoon. Now that my son has started first grade, he's gone for the bulk of the day.

And it can get a little lonely. Last week I went to the grocery store for the regular shopping without him in tow for the first time in a couple years.

The funny thing is, I had about one week of this quiet before our in-laws came to visit for this week. They're great people and good company in general. But we don't necessarily interact much during the day and it feels a little odd trying to work up a schedule with an x factor involved.

I was also working pedal to the metal on a freelance project and got ahead of schedule only to have them extend the deadline. Normally that's great news, I suppose. But without the pressure of having limited time during the day to work, a looming deadline to meet, and having guests in the house, I've been very unproductive. My allergies have also been awful for the past few weeks, combining with my medications to adversely affect my sleep and concentration. Usually I go for walks to settle my mind when it wanders, but lately that's been asking for more bleary-eyed, congested punishment.

So I'm trying to get through this week and then settle into an actual routine next week. I feel guilty about not having gotten work done on the freelance project, but no one is harassing me about it at this stage because I haven't missed any due dates.

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