Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ties to the Setting

The system of Elemental magic outlined in the previous posts (see the Schema, Elementalism I and Elementalism II)is practiced primarily within what I'm calling for now the Draconic League, an association of states (in the sense of being independent, sovereign polities) directed by the teachings and direct rule of Dragons.

The bulk of these states are feudal structures centered on land ownership, such as the Green Kingdoms. Some of the most influential are the independent city states known as the Seven Sisters. All share the fact that Dragons of various types were the first to master the art of communicating with and controlling the Elementals around them, crafts that they taught to their human followers, allowing those followers to conquer their rivals.

The key magics of the Draconic Leagues are Elementalism and Alchemy.

One of the major rivals to the Draconic Leagues is the Celestial Empire, dominated by worship of the various Hosts of spirit beings known collectively as the Gods Above. The Celestial Empire has mastered the manipulation of Spirit itself and tends to regard manipulating the Elements as an inferior practice, preoccupied with the impure material world.

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