Monday, March 9, 2009

Updated My Web Site

So in my latest creativity phase, which I'm anticipating will last about a week, I've started adding more material to my web site, Dreaming Empires. Specifically, superhero setting and character material. There are even character pictures I created using a software program from a game called City of Heroes. Woo-hoo!

I've also decided to host a bunch of material for the Marvel SAGA rpg that I can no longer find online. Not sure why that is, but I had copied it from the original web site (I'm anal retentive that way--you never know when stuff will disappear from the web, so I copy and save a lot of web sites I like) so I posted it on mine. With my luck, someone will ask me to take it down soon. On the other hand, so few people read my stuff that perhaps it will be safe!

Anyway, I'm hoping to update stuff over the next few days, once I did up more character details and stuff on organizations. Then I'll be converting some of the characters to one or more rpg systems. And then I imagine I'll get distracted by another topic, maybe jumping back to the fantasy or science fiction.

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