Friday, March 6, 2009

Watchmen Parodies

Thanks to my sister and my buddy Aaron, I've recently come across two brilliant parodies of the Watchmen.

The first is a short animated clip portraying the Watchmen as a Saturday morning cartoon show.

The second is a webcomic Watchmen parody (the Ombudsmen) on PvPOnline.

Both are short but hilarious.

If you don't know what the Watchmen (one of the most lauded graphic novels of all time) is about or who the characters are, these aren't as funny. But trust me, both the parodies and the novel are very well done.


Heyoka said...

Speaking of Watchmen crack:

Watchmen amigurumi bunnies. ♥

Doug said...

That is the weirdest damn thing I have seen in a loooonnng time.

I just don't think of those two worlds--hobby crafts and cutting edge comics--colliding. It would be like Mom making a Watchmen quilt.