Monday, April 6, 2009

Carolina Domination

Well, Michigan State kept the 3PT shooting percentages close and got to 13 offensive boards, more than UNC managed.

And it made no difference at all, largely because Michigan State threw the ball all over the court they way they did far too often during the regular season. 21 turnovers to 13 assists. Carolina didn't even outscore MSU by that much at the FT line (7 points) certainly not enough to account for the blowout.

But a ton of turnovers, a better FG percentage (45 to 40), a 40% to 30% 3PT edge, and some extra freethrows added up to a comfortable margin throughout. Michigan State didn't win any of those battles.

So while I don't think my "key points to the game" were complete BS, they didn't matter much at all in the end.

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