Friday, July 31, 2009

The Christopher Warbot

This is a picture scanned from a mediocre sci-fi anthology called Body Armor 2000. The best part of the collection is that it reprints, with the original art, a future-history essay on the evolution of manned Warbots from an old issue of Galaxy magazine.

What I love most about this, other than the fact that it is cool and predates things like Japanese mecha and Battletech by at least a decade, is that I tracked down the reprint with no more than the memory that there had been an essay with Warbots in the title published sometime in the 1960s in Galaxy magazine.

And thus scratched a serious nostalgia itch. When I was a kid, I used to walk to the library, more than half an hour away, and just sit and read through the science fiction magazines (and the sci-fi strips in the collected Sunday comics) in the air conditioned comfort. This is a big reason why I like libraries so much today.

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