Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Walking Journal Day Seven

Today I walked for 50 minutes along the Boise River. A nice walk all around, kept a good pace up, enjoyed it a great deal. Cold though, and tomorrow morning promises to be even colder.

Along the way I entered the grounds of the MK Nature Center and walked around a bit. This gave me a chance to snap a shot of yet another bridge:

I like the way this bridge bends around. Reminds me that life's path is not always straight.

I also saw this fun object:

The nearby sign says that this is a "Bat Box" designed to encourage bats to nest in an area so that they will eat nocturnal bugs. I just love this idea for some reason. A Bat Box instead of a bird house.

1 comment:

Aaron DaMommio said...

Kids make bat boxes as Home Depot projects down here. Instead of birdhouses.