Thursday, December 31, 2009

Windows 7 Still Sucks

Just as 2009 comes to a close without any clear decision on my part whether to continue this blog or not, I wanted to report that the new Windows 7 laptop we got for the kids this Christmas has already locked itself up with a major software crash that required two separate system restores (to different dates) and still hasn't been resolved after roughly four hours. It's still taking forever to boot up in both safe and standard mode and then hanging whatever process I try to initiate.

That's right, it's less than a week old. Barely has any damn files loaded on it after I deleted the bulk of the junk it came with.

Windows just keeps running variations of CHKDSK that keep reporting slightly different results. Now it finishes pretty quickly, tells me everything is fine, and then locks up. For some reason it seems to have forgotten how to connect to the household wireless network. I'd check on that, but Windows automatically tries to access the Internet to check my security status, freezes Internet Exploder when it can't make the connection, and dies before I get the chance to correct anything.

This could be the result of the most recent Windows update (of which there have been two "critica"l updates in three fucking days), it could be the result of my daughter trying to download and install the Unity Flash player, it could be some combination of the two, or it could just be the fact that Windows is a steaming pile of shit no matter how prettily it gets dressed up. At this point, the Unity Flash player should be uninstalled, but I can't check to see if it is still there because the system locks up before I can open anything through the control panel.

Half the time when I reboot I end up with a blank screen, and the rest of the time I get my crippled Windows 7 desktop, which is prettier but ultimately just as useless.

If I have to reinstall the operating system along with the programs that I did put on the system, I'm going to be even more pissed off than I am now.

In related news, I've had the Mac that I'm writing this blog post on a year and a half ago and the biggest problem I've had is old CDs with scratches getting stuck in the DVD Superdrive and taking interminably long to eject. Sometimes it crashes in the middle of Word documents. Generally I don't lose much information. That's annoying.

Very small potatoes compared to this insanity. And I paid for this privilege.

The lesson in my view is: don't buy Windows machines if you have any choice in the matter.


Doug said...

Update: got the recovery disk to start, only it stops and the system shuts down when it is at 98%, 92%, or 88% completion.

And now I get alerts to replace my hard disk drive.

Amazon says it can't exchange the computer because they don't have any in stock. I've giving them a week before shipping this brick at my expense to an Acer repair center in Temple Texas.

I'm a PC, and I suck ass.

Anonymous said...

Yep, It's a PC and It will forever suck something ... Asses, Donkey's, Sheep and Little Bitty Penguins.

Unless of course you hack some flavor of X then it will run pretty darn nice ... Of Course They Then Call It A HackinTosh

Every iteration of Windows just gets worse. With Seven, it appears someone had a fascination with Mepis-Linux. Cloned what doesn't work in SImply-Mepis.

Amazing, XP Pro SP3, Finally had descent Wireless Networking (not nearly as good as X, but ok), Now in Seven it's Well Past Fucked UP.

Something Near FooBar ...

Ya got to hand it too Mr. Ballmer, What A Fucking Idiot.

Anonymous said...

but ... Once I Go Mac, I can never go back ...

Susan Misty said...

The truly tragic part is that, as broken and crippled as it is, Starter is an overall better desktop experience than Linux.

It would be better even if it only came with a pink and neon green pokemon theme with annoying sounds that you couldn't disable. Speaking of themes you can use the classic theme with Starter.

Sure, you can't change the wallpaper by default but at least it doesn't break your hardware with updates

That happened with some of the early Dell netbooks but the tech press leaves out this inconvenient fact and blames M$ for keeping XP around. What does it say about Linux when it can't compete with an OS from 2001? Fix the damn thing already.

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Reiden Uses Ubuntu said...

A tip for your mac, restart, and after the startup chime, hold the left mouse click. This force-empties the slotload disc drive.

A tip for your Windows 7. Consider checking out Linux Mint or Ubuntu Linux. It's free to install on any computer. Since this is your kids' computer right? They need to know that Microsoft and Apple are not the only 2 companies making OS's. And if they grow up relying on Windows, they'll only be doomed to tech-lives of frustration.

I remember using Windows. Already hated it, but I used it because I couldn't afford a Mac. I heard about Ubuntu and switched immediately. Didn't look back. Love it. Still do.

Just like Anonymous said. It's a PC and it will forever suck. As long as it is using Windows.