Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pangaea Ultima and Alternatives

I like this projection of what the future supercontinent dubbed Pangaea Ultima might look like.

Or one of these maps showing Pangaea and alternate visions of a future supercontinent might be a cool starting point.

The problem with using maps like this as actual world maps is that these supercontinents would have really hellacious and extreme weather conditions that would make living conditions extremely hostile. Super-monsoons and hurricane swirling along the coasts, massive mountain ranges, really bone dry and desolate desert interiors.

But take the shape of a given supercontinent and shrink it, maybe reorient it, and you could have one of several interesting continents as a result.


Aaron DaMommio said...

On this one I found the link, in the title, eventually. I recommend you put your links in the post body, though, where they'll get an underline and thus be more obvious.

These maps are fun.

Doug said...

Finally got home to where I could access the blog via my computer and fix these map glitches.