Monday, June 15, 2009

New Blog Direction

Slowly but surely I'm planning on moving over any of my setting-related material residing on this blog to my web site, Dreaming Empires. Much of the material has been moved already and there is a lot of additional stuff on science fiction and superheroes.

I'm going to try to shift the emphasis of the blog toward posts about my family (still using the anonymous approach where I don't reveal names and such), books I've read, and current events.

Because the majority of people who happen to stumble across the blog, who are largely friends and family, aren't really interested in the setting material anyway. My web site can keep focusing on that aspect of my interests. Might still keep the vignettes here, though.


El Jefe said...

Sounds like a plan to me. And the vignettes ought to remain here: two prosy (prosodic? Prosaic?) for the website, and at the same time an excellent content teaser. "Like what you just read? Then take a look at this," where "this" is hyperlinked to DE. It works.

El Jefe said...

"Too," not "two." Me no tpye good.

Doug said...

Thanks, El Jefe. In my copious spare time I want to reorganize and revise a lot of the sci-fi content on the web site over the next few months. But we'll see how well that goes.