Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nova Totius Terrarium Map

Thinking about using this old map as the basis for a fantasy world layout.

This version gives you a much closer look at the details.

You end up with a huge southern continent that would be settled along the coastlines but whose interior would be quite desolate. Also the North American continent would probably have some really dry interiors, unless you played around with the fact that most of Canada is missing and changed the shape.


Aaron DaMommio said...

What map? Is there a link?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I blame a combination of Blogger, Google, and my iPod interface. I selected the "post image to blog" for this map and the maps in the next post and got a blog post with no map and a link that appeared in the title. In both cases, the preview screen showed the link appearing in the body of the blog. I'm unable to fix it or post new blog entries from my iPod, though I can comment.