Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily Writing

Shortly after my last post, I made a resolution to write 1,000 words of fiction a day.

Since then, I've hit that target for 9 out of 10 days. I don't recall writing on Memorial Day at all. The total word count is at just over 14,500 words.

Note that some of those are much better than others, but I do have a complete story that I'm fairly pleased with as a result of the process. (It's awaiting one more revision before I submit it.) I've also got two other short stories in the works that I'm less confident about.

I can't say that I feel great about this process at the moment. I've got the plot and main characters of the two stories I'm working on all laid out, but I'm trying to write 5,000 word stories (because I think that's a better length to submit for an unpublished writer hoping to get published) with only one successful story told in that range so far. The other two are looking more like 10,000 word stories at the moment.

But my goals were to address two of my weaknesses as a writer:
  • Writing on a regular basis
I'm definitely getting some repetitions in on the first item. Maybe I need to just push through and complete these next two stories and then see if they can be revised downward. Also, I've got either a cold or bad allergies at the moment, and the kids are just about to get out of school for the summer, and both illness and big schedule changes tend to throw me off kilter and make me a bit more pessimistic.

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