Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bionic Contact Lenses

This article in the Economist caught my eye. They've managed to put some incredibly tiny LEDs circuits into wearable contact lenses--well, at least one LED and they've tested them on rabbits. This could potentially allow for things like virtual heads up displays or true 3-D immersive environments (with a lens in each eye). The devices are powered by radiowaves transmitted from a small belt device.

The sci-fi part of me finds this cool. The practical part of me wonders if it's a good idea to have distractions like text or symbols floating on top of our field of vision. How much information can the mind process? There's already evidence that multitasking reduces efficiency by forcing the brain to switch from one mode of thinking to another.

Also, I suspect that soldiers equipped with this sort of thing will be one step closer to viewing combat as just a big video game.

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