Monday, September 21, 2009

Writing Log & Weekend Wrap-up, Week 3

So this weekend I wrote down notes and ideas about different elements of the setting in a notebook while at home and at the university library. Wrote about 14 pages longhand. Just putting down key ideas, underlining the different terms or names that popped up, and riffing on whichever of those seemed to spark further ideas. Trying to map out the setting in some more detail. Going to mix in writeups on various characters as well.

From that I'm going to try to extract a story, the way I would search for a historical narrative or biography. Working out the plot first doesn't seem to work for me. Working out the characters first has more promise, but I in a setting like this I need to know enough about where the characters come from and what they are reacting against to make progress.

I'm also thinking of writing little vignettes here and there to try to keep getting my repetitions in on the actual prose front.

As for what I achieved in Week 3, I really have no idea on the time or the word count. Probably 1500 words total of actual story, pretty much none of it usable as such as this point. A lot more of setting. At this stage, just writing for myself and trying to figure out how to make a satisfying experience out of it. Not all that enjoyable.

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