Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second Drawing: Portrait from Memory 9-2-09

The next assignment was to draw a person from memory, without any references. Since my son struggled to see my wife's face, I thought I'd test how well I could remember and draw his face. I didn't spend quite as much time on this drawing as on the previous one. I also made the terrible mistake of trying to draw an open-mouthed smile without a real clue of how to do it.

So my son does not look as bizarre as I drew him here. I did manage to make him look happier than I made myself look, however. I think even the eyes look a little happy--I tried to visualize the muscles in the eyebrows and around the eyes that contract when a person is really smiling.

Remember that these are the preliminary drawings made without getting any instruction or practice from the book. I guess that's pretty obvious.

Updated the picture after I realized that the nose was not showing up at all on screen. Darkened the lines, rescanned, re-uploaded. Not a well-drawn nose, but at least it's there.

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