Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Writing Log: 9/1/09

Started at 9:30 am (dropped kids off at school, set up irrigation water)

Sketched out a basic map of the City in Chapter 1 and some ideas for a later Illyrian city.

Writing delayed (moving hoses, Lisa had to purchase football tickets online)

Writing Started 10:15 am
Started revising Chapter 1 opening based on notes from last night. Much improved. Wrote roughly 1300 new words for this.

Moved on to Chapter 4, Scene 1. Wrote about 350 new words for this scene.

Wrote for about 3 hours today.

I have to say that at this early stage I'm disappointed in my daily productivity. The words just aren't coming as smoothly and freely as I'm used to. Still getting adjusted to the change in the schedule and having an outline with fairly detailed goals for what each scene should accomplish (even if it lacks a great deal of specifics as to what each scene should contain).

I'm particularly frustrated that I haven't been able to focus on writing for much more than an hour at a stretch without an interruption and that writing in the evening seems so difficult. I'm also starting about a half hour later than I anticipated each day. This trend will continue as I have to do the grocery shopping tomorrow morning.

Then again, the first chapter is already in a better place than where I started yesterday and I feel I can move forward with what I have and avoid further backtracking until I have made more overall progress.

I just have to find a balance between striving to reach my ideal goals and being satisfied with steady progress.

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