Saturday, September 12, 2009

Squirrel Baby Funeral

Last week while we were walking the dog, my daughter found a very tiny, hairless, dead baby squirrel lying beneath a tree. It's eyes were not fully open yet, like a baby mouse.

She wanted to take it home and I thought that was rather gross, given that her first thought was to perhaps dissect it. But she cleverly asked her mom and got permission before the two of us could talk it over. She scooped up the squirrel with a shovel, put it in a shoebox, and brought it home.

Quickly her empathetic side emerged and she decided to have a funeral for the baby squirrel. First she built it a coffin (which was for display--the coffin was not actually buried with the squirrel).

Then she made a headstone for the squirrel:
This is the shot of the squirrel's final resting place in our backyard:

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