Friday, September 4, 2009

Writing Log: 9-4-09

[Dropped off kids, gassed up car, got some art supplies, set up irrigation water, went over some setting notes, wrote up some other blog entries]

Started Writing at 10:45 am

Finished first draft of Chapter 3, Scene 1 (now its own short chapter of just under 3,000 words). Wrote 1200 words for that.

I incorporated bits and pieces of scenes 2 and 3 into this scene, spread some other bits elsewhere, and am just leaving some stuff out for the time being, uncertain of how necessary it will be to add in. As a result, this chapter is shorter than expected at this stage, but I think it achieves the goals I had set forth for all three sections.

Continued writing with Chapter 4, Scene 1. Moved some material originally planned for Chapter 4 scene 2 up to the opening of this chapter to provide more descriptive color and set a mood. Wrote 1570 words for this.

Daily total was about 3 hours writing total and 2770 words.


Mikael Behrens said...

Hi Doug, I just read this new blog entry from Stephen Fry and thought you might like it.

Doug said...

Thanks, Mikael, that WAS interesting. How am I managing to write with cigarettes OR coffee? :-)

From what I've gathered as I read other people's observations about the writing process (I think writing ABOUT writing is one of the biggest genres out there), the key take home point seems to be:

Have a process and become obsessive about preserving it. That seems to help most professional writers get into the necessary mental state.