Friday, September 11, 2009

Writing Summary: Week Two

Wrote for total of roughly 16.5 hours in Week 2, writing on five days. Wrote for 15.25 hours in Week 1, writing on all seven days.

My total wordcount at the end of Week 1 was roughly 13,000 words.

My total at the end of Week 2 is roughly 27,000 words, for a net weekly gain of 14,000 words and a similar rate of productivity in terms of words per hour.

Since I've exceeded my targets of writing for 15 hours and producing 10,000 words for the week, I'm going to take the weekend off from writing chapters to recharge my creative batteries. I expect to do some drawing and to probably sketch out some ideas for what I want to start writing on Monday. (Oh, and I'll be reading a friend's manuscript.) Ideally by Monday I'll be itching to get started again.

I've also reorganized all the chapters in Scrivener. Right now it looks like the total will be 20 chapters for Part I. Shorter chapters are coming in at around 3,000 words and longer ones at closer to 5,000 words, for a rough average of 4,000 words per chapter. That puts me at an estimated wordcount for Part I of 80,000 words, give or take, which is significantly more than I first anticipated. Hopefully this is all the result of recognizing how things need to be fleshed out and explored rather than simple writing bloat.

Anyway, at my current pace it's conceivable that I might have Part I done by the original ideal goal of October 9th (50K + words in four weeks!), but I doubt that everything will fall into place to make that happen. I'll just keep plugging away one day and one week at a time and logging my progress.

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