Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What A Strange Month

I started out this month with a lot of creative energy and several productive pursuits: writing for the novel, the drawing, getting ready for the egg parachute picnic, and so forth. I was also getting back into working out.

I'm ending it with the writing not going well, my drawing practice on hiatus for more than a week, a strained wrist that I'm now wearing a brace on (making it hard to draw and cutting off upper body weights entirely for the time being), and some allergies that have kicked my butt.

Not the arc I had envisioned at all. Frankly depressing if I dwell upon it, so I'm trying to renew my enthusiasm and rebuild my energy to at least get a few things moving again in addition to my involvement with the kids' school and their homework.

It's hard to evaluate at the moment because the last thing experienced tends to leave the strongest impression, but I'm pretty disappointed with the month at this stage.

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