Monday, September 7, 2009

Drawing: Upside-Down 9-7-09

So the next assignment in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain was to draw a freehand copy of this Picasso sketch. The trick was, you had to look at the sketch upside down and copy it upside down.

Here is my version.

I got the proportions of the head wrong and stretched out the torso longer than it was supposed to be. You can see this a bit clearer if I turn both images right side up. I also got the hands smaller than in the original, but frankly I think the hands look like crap in the original drawing. (I've never been a Picasso fan.)

It was an interesting process designed to force you to look very carefully at the lines of the drawing rather than using your preconceived ideas of what certain objects should look like. I'm supposed to do at least one more upside-down drawing before moving on to the next lesson. Hopefully I will do a better job noting some of the proportions and such on my next attempt. As you can see, I really punted on the proportions of the guy's head. I did better than I expected however.

(Oh, if I haven't mentioned it before, Blogger's tools for uploading and laying out photos suck.)

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