Friday, September 4, 2009

What the ?

This morning driving back from the kid's school I saw a car with a weird goat-horned silhouette emblazoned on its rear window, flanked by the words DEMON HUNTER. Then there was a quote that said, "Hell Hath No Fear At All". Or something like that.

Then I noticed that the license plate read DMNHNTR.

This baffled me at first. Was the driver secretly one of those demon-hunting guys like on the tv show Supernatural? But I just assumed it was some weird Christian evangelical thing.

I was right! There's a Christian rock band called Demon Hunter based out of Washington state. The guy driving this car was either their biggest fan or worked for them, though I thought it had an Idaho license plate.

The demon logo on their web site (check out the t-shirt) also matches what was on the car.

So, uh, yeah, these guys seem pretty whacked out. Hey, they have enthusiasm.

But the kicker?

All this defiant, demon-slaying imagery and verbiage was plastered to the back of a banana-yellow Scion. That's right. Take a vow to slay the demons plaguing this world and you too can drive a car that looks like it was built by Fisher-Price for toddlers.

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Heyoka said...

Aw, man, at least the brothers on Supernatural get the Metallicar. *giggle*