Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Divination by Captcha

It occurred to me this morning that one could develop a system of divination based on interpreting the clues provided by the random captchas one has to copy to post comments on many different websites and forums.

The left-brained approach would be to involve numerology and kabbalah, rendering each captcha into a numerical string, performing some sort of operation upon it based on the precise date and time it was revealed, translating the ensuing answer from numbers to letters, and then trying to interpret the resulting text.

The right-brained approach would be to free-associate the captcha with recent or current events or objects in the reader's immediate surroundings. For example, I got the captcha bachhell earlier today, which made me think immediately of Bach (but which one) and his potential suffering and eternal torment. Or it could imply that somebody is going to sample Bach ("Come on rock me Johann") in a way that would anger the composer.

Whatever the case, I'm hearing church organ fugues in my head as I type.

What would we call this new form of divination? Captchamony? Captchamancy?

I want credit for this idea if it spreads.


Aaron DaMommio said...

1. Come to think of it, Nancymancy already exists (5 Card Nancy).

2. Are you sitting there hitting refresh to get better omens?

3. Divination is a useful keyword for your blog?

Doug said...

2. I have been writing down some captchas to use as possible character or place names.

3. Divination works for me. I more or less have to hope that someone randomly stumbles across the blog anyway.